1981 picnic areaThe Barneveld Horseman’s Association was originally formed over 40 years ago. It had been dormant for about a decade when in an effort to provide a riding facility and events for children in a pony club, a group containing some of the original members reorganized in 1983 to create Caernarvon Horse Park on Taylor Rd in Barneveld. In the beginning it was a group of volunteers mucking around until there was a little space for a small horse show that consisted of about 20 people.

1981 courseToday, there are over 150 memberships which comprise of individuals and families and totals over 400 people. The horse park has grown to compromise a 100 foot by 200 foot fenced arena, parking areas, an outside course, a cross country course, approximately 5 miles for the driving marathon, a secretary stand and an area for the food stand. Shows are drawing participation of 100 horses or more.

The key to the BHA is the group of members who help keep it going. Originally, the Barneveld Horseman’s Association was guided by a board of seven people. Now about 25 people have stepped up to the challenge to provide leadership and each is responsible for organizing a different event. The individual willingness to lend a hand at different events is a large part of the success of the BHA.

2008 picnic areaThe Barneveld Horseman’s Association has grown well beyond its pony club days of a Spring and Fall horse show. Today, we host 3 Hunter Shows, 3 Western Shows, 2 Driving Shows, a Dressage/Combined Training day, a Hunter Pace and Conditioning Pace. The BHA has hosted events for other associations such as the 4-H Club, the Welsh Pony Association and the Sheriff’s Department Trail Trials. The BHA has also been known to offer a variety of clinics over the years.

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