2016 Horse of the Year

HORSE Owner Points
Holly  Ellen Hobin 339.5
Cazabu Amigo Michele Heinig 308
Flashing Attitude Trudylinn Teel 305
Get Your Chrome On Jessica Kraeger 266.5
Sierra's Living Legend Kevin and Michelle Maloy 236.5
Pacemaker Jodi Roser 179
Elegant Indulgence Michelle Smith 158
Blue Walker Artifact  Emily Mierek 157.5
Tami Carla Darrow 139
Fuzzy Image Nancy Heindorf 126
Trenton Hill Savilla Maggie Koenig 108
Peppermint Patty Katie French 100
Stone Craft Munchkin Maggie Koenig 94.5
Exeter's Brandi Rachel Carrock 93
Qunicy's Cool Man Nancy Hiendorf 92
Thomas Pete Weaver 85
Instantly A Star Laurie LaPlante 83
Sterling Diamond Heather Hall 72
Huming Hills Sweet Adalia Anna Hobin 57.5
Holly Go Lightly Rachel Carrock 53
Malaki Brian Comfort 41
Zelda Chelsea Darrow 40
Pebbles Brian and Marie Comfort 30
Indian Outlaw Kendra Yaddow 30
One Bad Corona Tayah Hummel 21


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